The replica of Tutankhamun's Tomb
Features the Treasures & the Mummy .
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Tomb of Tutankhamun

Features the Treasures & the Mummy

A sight not to be missed at the Pharaonic Village is the authentic replica of King Tutankhamun’s tomb. The word “replica” actually does not do this wonder justice.

Dr. Ragab in addition to a team of archaeologists, engineers, and architects, along with specially selected Egyptian craftsmen, used Howard Carter’s notes on the original tomb to faithfully reproduce the entire tomb, down to the tiniest ounce of treasure that had been placed with the boy king.

Dr. Hassan Ragab opened this authentic replica of the tomb in 1992, because he wanted visitors to experience the same thrill of excitement felt by Carter and Lord Carnarvon, when they found the tomb after six long years of searching. Most of the reproduced artifacts made for the replica tomb were made entirely by hand using the same techniques used to create the originals, as Dr. Ragab insisted that the replicas be made as indistinguishable from the originals as possible. Many of the artifacts took years to create at enormous cost, but every single one is there, from the silver and gold jewelry to the great golden throne to the alabaster canopic jars.

The Tomb contains :

  • The Entrance Passage
  • The Antechamber
  • The Annexe
  • The Burial Chamber
  • The Scenes in the Burial Chamber
  • Tutankhamun’s Mummy
  • The Shrines in the Burial Chamber
  • The Treasury

This reproduction is vastly superior to an ordinary museum, for the treasures here are arranged in precisely the same manner as they were found in the original tomb. There are very few differences between this one and the original, as but Dr. Ragab adds with a smile “our tomb is air-conditioned.”